Welcome to Green Ink Gallery

I have always been fascinated with light, color, flowers and beautiful paper. I love handling the natural materials.

The flower or leaf’s interior space is revealed when I shine light through. The more translucent the plant or flower, the better the backlighting.

Even at A7 or A2 card size you can see the close-up detail of the plants and flowers--their veins, water droplets, stems and leaves.

I use words like "dance" or "float" in the titles to share what I see as I create.

We grow many of the flowers you see and our friends are generous to let us pick flowers in their gardens. Take a look at some of the titles and you'll see friends' names, and street names where we've lived and where my gardens have been (we’ve moved around a bit in the last six years).

My art is dedicated to the memory of my mother, Ruth Green Hollingsworth and my company, Green Ink, is named after her. She had confidence in me when I doubted myself the most.

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