Artist Floral Note Card - Tomatillo et al


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Artist Floral Note Card--Tomatillo et al--Vintage Look Thank You Celebration Cards Size 5"x7" A7.

This is a piece I made from the husks of tomatillos (a green tomato relative) and pieces of red tulip. I love the way the light shines through these plants and flowers.

I design and print the cards, in my Michigan and Columbus, OH studios, taking the same amount of care I give to my exhibition art work. Even at this 5"x7" card size, the resolution of the flowers is so high, you can see the veins and small details.

I've personally chosen the fine papers and premium envelopes we use at the gallery. You'll find them pleasant to touch, soft and colorful, and a pleasure to share on any occasion. The paper is a smooth, thick matte finish, it's archival, and the envelopes are a translucent kiwi green (looks great with the plants).

I left the inside blank for you and hope you'll enjoy writing your own messages.

Some of our customers say they want to frame these cards for home/office decoration or as gifts...a very nice compliment to us!

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