Artist Floral Note Card--Amaryllis Dance--Size 5"x7"


Artist Floral Note Card--Amaryllis Dance--Cocktail Party Invitation Christmas Holiday Thank You Celebration Cards Size 5"x7" A7.

This is a gift Amaryllis that came in a pot. To me, the result here looks like a little martini or an animated character. I love the way the light comes through.

My cards are not mass produced; I make them myself in my Michigan and Columbus, OH studios. I've personally chosen the fine papers and premium envelopes we use at the gallery. You'll find them pleasant to touch, soft and colorful, and a pleasure to share on any occasion.

5"x7" with a sheer kiwi colored envelope (looks great with the flowers) and blank on the inside so you can share your own thoughts and wishes.

Some of our customers say they want to frame these cards for home/office decoration or as gifts...a very nice compliment to us!

Save by purchasing our cards in packs of 5 ($21.99).

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